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Our mission is

To support and foster the integration of arts and culture into the ways we envision, plan, and develop healthy, equitable, and vibrant communities.


At Civic Arts we envision a world where arts and culture are fully embedded in the way we build our towns and cities, and where all are invited - with their full selves - to the table of civic decision making.

We help bring together local art communities to work alongside civic organizations in order to co-create responses to complex local issues. Working as policy makers, researchers, public artists, and community engagement specialists, we understand that community challenges are also opportunities to both reach out more broadly, and dig deeper into ourselves for answers.  

Through our work, we know that art can spur collective responses to difficult issues, and we believe that our work with communities should be historically-informed, equitable, inclusive, and engaging. These beliefs inform our approach to the partnerships we foster, the research we shepherd, the art we create, and the engagements we help bring to life.