Field Building & Action Plans

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 At Civic Arts we come from the world of late night council meetings, wonky policy reports, and way too many sticky-dots. We get policy and local government and can help arts and cultural organizations navigate the often-murky waters of municipal process.

We also come from worlds of messy mural making, improv theater devising, and the beautiful chaos of community-based arts projects. We know that partnerships between local government and arts and culture agencies can lead to long-lasting programs and policies that help communities identify broad solutions, and bring in unheard voices directly into civic processes.

We help artists and community organizations scale up THEIR projects from social impact to civic impact, AND HELP generate meaningful, transformative change.

Civic Arts Field Building & Action Planning work can help with:

  • For Municipal and Community Organizations:

    • Developing and produce an arts-integration strategy that collaboratively sets strategic objectives and that link directly with current organizational objectives

    • Creating partnership plans with local arts & culture partners

  • For Art & Culture Organizations

    • Advising and strategizing on how arts and culture goals can interface with municipal goals

    • Coaching on the relational and communications aspects of local government collaboration.

    • Planning, structuring, and leading strategic meetings between arts and culture organization and local government representatives.

    • Helping to communicate the vision and value of the arts organization within a broader civics context.
      We create the policy research and case study precedent research that will support the civics-scale goals of arts & culture organization.

Civic Arts has worked a long time in the field of arts-based community development. Would you like to talk more about how we can work together? Let us know your questions. Give us a call →